Pastoral Care & Discipline


Our code of discipline and pastoral care develops and fosters positive behaviour, confidence building and respect for self and others.


School Rules & Behaviour

  • Maintain the highest standards of behaviour, both inside and outside the college.
  • Show respect, good manners and courtesy to fellow students and college staff.
  • Carry out all lawful requests and instructions from Principal and college staff.
  • Attend school on all designated school days and in accordance with annual timetable.
  • Be punctual for school and for each subject class.
  • Wear the designated school uniform. Tracksuit ends are not allowed.
  • Proceed to classes in an orderly manner and ensure that you have the required texts, materials and equipment.
  • Complete prescribed study and homework.
  • Exercise care and attention when using equipment and machines and when carrying out supervised experiments.
  • Obtain the subject teacher's permission to be absent from the classroom.
  • Keep our classrooms and college grounds litter free and ensure that food is consumed only in designated areas.
  • College property, the property of staff and students must be treated with respect
  • Students are responsible for their own personal property and should ensure that it is properly labelled.
  • Report any accidents to a teacher, the caretaker or at school office.
  • All absences must be kept to a minimum and explained in writing by Parent/Guardian.
  • Students may leave the college during the school day only with written consent of Parent/Guardian which must be authorised by the Principal Deputy Principal or Year Head.
  • When leaving college for appointments etc. Student and Guardian must sign the register, which is located in the main office. Medical and Dental appointments should be made outside school time.
  • Students are required to have the official Mount Mercy College diary throughout the school year. It must be signed by Parent/Guardian and contain all notes regarding absence, permission etc-
  • When students are engaged in extra or co-curricular activities such as school tours, sporting events etc., they are required to comply with normal college rules. They are expected to uphold high standards of behaviour and consideration for others. They must comply, without question, with all specific and reasonable requirements laid down by their supervising teacher-
  • The following are strictly prohibited and will result in immediate sanction:











  • Possession of or dealing in illegal substances of any kind will be referred to relevant civil authorities. Parents will be contacted and immediate suspension will ensue pending the outcome of such investigations.


All Students are required to be neatly attired in the regulation Mount Mercy College Uniform which must be worn both in school and to and from school

  • College Jacket
  • College Jumper
  • College Shirt
  • Skirt of Modest Length
  • Black Low Heeled Shoes
  • Black Tights
  • Jewellery restricted to One Only of the following: Ring, Bracelet, Necklace, and Ear Studs. NO FACIAL PIERCINGS
  • Make-Up and Nail Varnish are not allowed
  • Physical Education & Sport: Regulation Tracksuit and sportswear for P.E. Only
  • Jackets, Scarves and Gloves are not to be worn in class
  • Hairstyle should be neat and tidy and of a natural colour deemed to be acceptable to School Authorities



The following sanctions may be imposed on any student who offends against the rules of the college. Initial sanctiong such as:

  • Reprimands by teachers, temporary removal under supervisiory from class


    Repositioning in class and sent to other class


    Punishment exercises etc., may be used at the discretion of the individual teacher


    A note may be written in the school joumal and must be signed by parents.


  • A record sheet system is in operation, whereby a teacher registers any misconduct in a special file kept for this purpose. When a student has been noted on three occasions in one week, a warning is issued by the class teacher. If the student offends once again, detention will result.

  • Report Cards will be issued for any misconduct which merits such a sanction in the opinion of Class Teacher and or Year Head eg: Class disruption. School Community Tasks where appropriate.

  • School Community Tasks where appropriate.

  • Confiscation of Mobile Phones - to be reclaimed ONLY by Parent/Guardian after seven days.

  • Detention is a sanction used for serious breaches of school regulations and also for persistent punctuality and uniform problems. It is also applied for any reason deemed appropriate by a teacher in consultation with Class Teacher Year Head and/or Deputy Principal. Parents will be notified in writing in advance, of any detention. Detention etc., except with the express approval of the Principal/Deputy Principal in special circumstances. In this case the detention must be attended at a later date. Subsequent failure to attend may result in suspension. Detention normally takes place on a Wednesday afternoon from 1.15pm to 2.45pm.

  • The Principal may, at her discretion, impose an immediate suspension not to exceed three school days.

  • In the event that the above procedures fail to correct the misconduct of any student, or in the event of any serious incident of indiscipling the Principal may refer the matter to the Board of Management for further action- Suspension may be imposed while the Board considers the matter.

  • Expulsion will be used as a last resort and in the interests of the school community.

  • All suspensions or expulsions will be notified to the Department of Education, in accordance with directives pertaining in this regard.


Mobile Phone Policy

  • Students may not use their mobile phones during school hours except in exceptional circumstances and then only with the permission of a teacher.
  • Students who carry a mobile phone to and from school are required to store the phone in their lockers ( during tbe school day, i.e. 8.30am - 3.40pm
  • Students may not phone, text or use the phone in any way during the school day, including break times (class/lunch)
  • Students found to be using their mobile phones, in breach of school rules,will have their phones ( confiscated and retained in the school office. Phones will onty be returned to parent(s)/Guardian(s) after a letter of apology is filed by the student and then only after seven days.
  • The school is not responsible for loss or theft of mobile phones.
  • Should a student use a mobile phone to bully or harass others this behaviour will merit serious sanction.
  • Students, Parent(s) and Guardian(s) are advised that the possession of mobile phones or other electronic devices is strictly prohibited during examinations and will disqualify the candidate(s).

Rational For This Policy

Mount Mercy College's revised policy on mobile phones is put in place:

  • to protect our students and staff
  • to ensure that teaching and learning is not disrupted by these devices
  • to promote the independence of our students
  • to prevent bullying and harassment

The Board of Management recognises that parents and students may view this policy as harsh and/or extreme, but in the interests of Health and Safety of our school community the revised rules will apply. This policy has been put in place following consultation with Our Parents Association.

NOTE There is a phone available to students in the office should a student need to contact home. Parents may contact students through the school office @ 021-4542366/021-4542685

Litter Policy

  • Our schooi has a 'Zero Tolerance' Litter policy.
  • Any form of litter is completely unacceptable.
  • Any individual caught littering will face an immediate sanction.
  • Each person is responsible for their own litter.
  • Dispose of it appropriately in the bins provided throughout our school.
  • Please use the schools recycling facilities.
  • All Classrooms must be tidied up by classgroup after breaks
  • In this way we will minimise our effect on the environment promoting a safe and healthy atmosphere in this school

Mount Mercy College has attained 3 Green Flags. It is the responsibility of us all to maintain our standards achieved to date.


Lost Property

Students are expected to care for and respect their own and other peoples property. Parents are requested to ensure that all items of clothing and books are clearly marked. While the school makes every effort to locate lost property and return it to its owner, it cannot take responsibility for items lost or mislaid.


All students are expected to have their journals in school and have them signed by their parents when requested.