Green Flag


Mount Mercy College is a part of the Green-Schools Programme and we have achieved four green flags to date. Below is a short survey that was carried out by our students during the 2014/15 school year. This survey was for our Travel Flag.


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    About Green Schools


    Green-Schools, known internationally as Eco-Schools, is an international environmental education programme, environmental management system and award scheme that promotes and acknowledges long-term, whole school action for the environment.


    One of the key success factors of the Green-Schools programme is that it is a themed programme. That is, schools undertaking the programme work through the seven steps one theme at a time. The themes in sequence are:



    Green-Schools Committee


    The Green-Schools programme is based on Seven Steps. The first of these is the formation of a Green-Schools Committee.


    The committee directs the operations of the school’s Green-Schools programme. It is composed of staff and students and sets in motion the paths to be taken in order to achieve a Green Flag for each of the themes.


    Our Litter & Waste Flag


    This is the first theme of the Green-Schools Programme. Our aim was to educate the school population on the effects of litter and waste to our school and our community. Through perserverance and hard work we were awarded our first flag in May 2009.


    Our Energy Flag


    We were awarded our second Green Flag in March 2011. This flag was on the the theme of Energy. We set out to find out how much energy our school was using and ultimately try to reduce it. The whole school got behind this task and we managed to conserve energy and save some money for our school


    Water Flag


    We were awarded our third Green Flag on 16th of May 2013. Regular checking of our water meter was essential in calculating how much water our school used. We made great strides to reducing our water bill.




    We were awarded our fourth Green Flag in May 2015. Our aim was to increase the number of pupils walking, cycling, park 'n' stride, carpooling or using public transport, which will ease congestion by reducing the number of private cars arriving at the school gates.