TY Programme


The Transition Year Programme is a unique one year programme that promotes the personal, social, vocational and educational development of students and prepares them for their role as autonomous, participative and responsible members of society(Transition Year Guidelines, 1994, Department of Education).

Core Subjects

All students study the following subjects for the full year.

  • Religious Education
  • Irish
  • English
  • Mathematics
  • French
  • German/Spanish/Chinese/Russian
  • Physics/Chemistry
  • Biology
  • Business Studies
  • Accounting
  • Home Economics
  • Art
  • History
  • Geography
  • Social Personal
  • Health Education



we offer an array of modules for students during the Transition Year Programme

  • Physical Education
  • ECDL
  • Environmental Studies
  • Music/Drama
  • Justice
  • Mini Company
  • Health Education
  • Media Studies
  • SPHE
  • Dancing
  • Stress Management/Career Guidance
  • Cooking
  • Gardening
  • First Aid
  • Road Safety
  • Health and Safety
  • YSI


Other Activities


Work Experience

An Gaisce Award

Community Experience



Cookery Competitions

Fitness & Dance

Day Trips

Drama – School Play

YSI Project Work

Green Schools Work

Breast Cancer Awareness

European Tour

Fashion Show

Newsletters – Christmas and Easter

Outdoor Pursuits


I.T. Magazine

Religious Ceremonies – Parish Involvement

Safe Driving workshop

Tidy Towns

Theatre Trips

Dragons Den Competition


Teaching and Learning

Transition Year at Mount Mercy College uses a wide range of teaching and learning methodologies such as:


  • Project Work
  • Group/Pair Work
  • Portfolios
  • Written Assessment
  • Oral Presentations
  • Oral, Practical and Aural Assessment
  • Work Experience
  • Logbook Diaries
  • Visiting Speakers
  • Educational, Social and Cultural Trips
  • ICT Skills
  • Drama
  • Research
  • Role Play
  • Demonstrations



Homework will consist of research, project work, IT skills practice, preparation for oral presentation and exhibitions as well as written homework.


Students will be assessed twice during the year at Christmas and Summer. Assessments modes will vary from subject to subject but in general, the following assessment modes will be used.


  • Written Tests/Exams
  • Continual assessment
  • Oral and Aural assessment
  • Project Work
  • Work assessment
  • Attendance/Participation
  • Practicals
  • Exhibition
  • Personal Diaries
  • Student Self Assessment
  • Teacher/Student joint assessment
  • Formal external interviews.


Personal Transition Year Diaries.

A personal TY diary must be undertaken by each student in Transition Year. This diary is a form of continual assessment of experiences during TY activities undertaken outside of the formal timetabled curriculum. This is monitored and assessed by the TY coordinator.


School Reports

Formal School reports are issued twice during the year. The first report is issued half way through the school year after modular change over of subjects, usually in January. Assessment at Summer involves an exhibition of student’s work and portfolio assessment in all subject areas.



Mount Mercy College regularly reviews and evaluates its Transition Year Programme. This is done in consultation with all parties. Through regular review and evaluation the Transition Year Programme is constantly evolving to meet the requirements of Students, Parents and Teachers.